Sooke Community Groups, Organizations & Societies

Welcome to Sooke Sign
Old "Welcome to Sooke" sign

The following is a list of non-profit societies and service groups in the Juan de Fuca - Sooke District on Vancouver Island.

The region has dedicated volunteers and promotes local community events, fundraising festivals and entertainment.
To list your society or other non profit group, please email and follow up with a phone call to 250 642-6745

Non-profit Societies and Service Groups in the Juan de Fuca - Sooke District:
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    Alcoholics Anonymous
24 hour phone: 250-383-0415

All Sooke Arts and Crafts Association - Box 113 / Sooke, BC, V9Z-0E5

- A -  

Arts & Entertainment -art info around the Sooke area

Arts Council- Sooke Community Arts Council
P.O. Box 46 / Sooke, BC, V9Z-0E4

    Athletic Association
Box 334 / Sooke, BC V9Z-1G1

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- C -

Canada Day Society

Canada Day Society
P.O. Box 1014, Sooke, BC, V9Z-1J1
please contact by mail

Sooke Communty Choir
Choir- Sooke Community Choir
--> see website for contact info
  Chamber of Commerce
Box 18 / Sooke, BC, V9Z-0E4
Phone: 250-642-6112
Churches in Sooke Churches
  Community Association
2037 Shields Road / Sooke
Phone: 250-642-5521 leave a message
  Community Food Centre
Box 1122 / Sooke, BC V9Z-1J1
Phone: 250-642-7666
  Community Assistance Society - Contact Loan Cupboard
Need a loan of crutches or medical equipment?
Ned a ride, or help getting to the Doctor?
Box 572 / Sooke, BC V9Z-IH5
Contact Loan Cupboard: Pager 389-4607
family resource society Counselling Centre - Sooke Family Resource Society
P.O. Box 1082, Sooke, BC, V9Z-1J1
Sooke country market Country Market Association
4670 Otter Point Place - Otter Pt Rd near Sooke Rd- Summer only
Phone: Carol 250 642-7166 email:
- D -


- E - Long boats in Sooke

Edward Milne Longboat Society
Phone: 250-642-6371

Emergency Social Services Program Office
Ministry of Human Resources
contact the Sooke City Hall
2205 Otter Point Rd, Sooke, BC

- F -   4H Community Club
Phone: 250-642-3070
Fall Fair
Box 291 / Sooke, BC V9Z-0S9

Fire Departments
Westcoast Flyfisher Association
Special event fishing & monthly meetings
Folk Music Society

Food Bank - Community Food Centre
Box 1122 / Sooke, BC V9Z-1J1
Phone: 250-642-7666

- G -


Girl Guides of Canada, Sooke Harbour District

- H -

Hospice in Sooke
P.O. Box 731 Sooke, BC, V9Z-1H7

-I -
- L -

Legion (Branch 54)
6726 Eustace Road & Sheilds Rd, Sooke
Mail: Po Box 337, Sooke, BC, V9Z-1G1
Phone: 250-642-5913 or 250-642-2052

  Lions Club / Lioness Club
Box 248 / Sooke, BC V9Z-0S9
Long boats in Sooke Longboat Society
Phone: 250-642-6371
- M -



Masonic Lodge
Lodge # 159
6544 Throup Road / Sooke, BC
  Meals on Wheels
Phone: 250-642-2184
Sooke Region Museum
Museum: Sooke Region Museum
250 642-6351
- N -


- O -  

Park Watch
A summer program for security in some parks in the Sooke area

    Pensioners and Seniors

Sooke Philharmonic

- R - Sooke Red Hat Society Sooke Red Hat Sooke Sirens
Social club for women 50 yrs and over

Rotary Club of Sooke
Box 515 / Sooke, BC, V9Z-1H5


- S -

Salmon Enhancement Society
2895 Sooke River Road, just before the Potholes

SEAPARC Recreation facility - swimming pool, hocky arena
Administered by the CRD Government:
if the above page is not found go to main site:
  Senior Activity Society - (mini bus)
Box 987 / Sooke, BC V9Z-1H9
contact Sooke City Hall for info
  Shirley Community Association
401 Sheringham Point Road / Sooke, BC
  Sooke Community Association
2037 Shields Road / Sooke, BC
Phone: 250-642-5521 leave a message
Sooke Communty Choir
Sooke Community Choir
--> see website for contact info



Sooke Soccer Club Sooke Soccer Club



T TOPS Sooke TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly
- W -   WELLNESS (also see"Health Care" for "for profit" wellness businesses )

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