Sooke Transition House

Box 1128, Sooke, B.C. V0S 1N0
Tel: (250) 642-2591 Fax: (250) 642-2589

24 hr. Pager: (250) 480-5461

OUR MISSION: to provide emergency shelter, at no cost for women and children experiencing relationship abuse and/or violence, and to care for their emotional needs in an understanding and compassionate manner.

OUR COMMITMENT: to provide shelter to women and children for up to 30 days in a respectful and caring environment that allows women to be heard and supported without judgment or prejudice. Within this atmosphere of safety, our clients receive information about abusive relationships, acknowledge their strengths and the coping strategies that they have developed, identify their goals and the options available to attain them.

WHO WE SERVE: Primarily School District # 62, which includes; Colwood, Langford, Metchosin, Sooke, East Sooke, Otter Point, Shirley, Jordan River and Port Renfrew.

GOVERNING BODY : The Sooke Transition House Society. A volunteer non-profit organization initiated in 1993 to provide transition house services to the Western Communities. The STHS is funded in part by the Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women’s Services, the British Columbia Gaming Commission and the generous support of the communities we serve.

Services provided by the Women’s Transition House:

24 hour pager access.
Crisis intervention and support.
Shelter and food.
Access to emergency clothing.
Provide information about violence and abuse in relationships.
Supportive counselling – specific to abuse issues, with the goal of creating an environment that enables women to become empowered to take charge of their own lives.
Advocacy and referral services.
Transportation arrangements.
Accompaniment to appointments (police, MCFD, MHR, lawyer, etc.).
Community education.


Abuse in relationships refers to any behaviour used by one of the partners for the purpose of obtaining and/or maintaining power and control over the other partner.

This behaviour can range from the use of emotional, verbal, financial, property, sexual and/or physical abuse.

Examples of Emotional and Verbal Abuse:

* Putting you down
* Calling you names
* Threatens to physically hurt you
* Humiliating or degrading you
* Giving you the silent treatment
* Withholding affection until you do what he wants
* Demanding obedience
* Treating you as inferior
* Isolating you from your family and friends

Examples of Sexual Abuse:
* Treating women as sexual objects
* Pressuring into having sex or a kind of sex that you have not wanted to have
* Tearing up your clothing
* Ripping out the phone so you can’t contact anyone
* Hurting or killing a pet
* Criticizes you sexually
* Calls you sexual names
* Forces sex after hitting you
* Wakes you up to have sex
* Sexually assaults you

 Examples of Financial Abuse:
* Refusing to give you any money
* Not allowing you to control what happens to your money
* Not letting you know what he or she does with the money
* Using the money for inappropriate things when you need it for necessities

Examples of Property Abuse:
* Damaging or breaking household furniture or items
* Destroying your pictures or keepsakes- those items that are emotionally important to you
*Tearing up your clothing
*Ripping out the phone so you can't contact anyone
*Hurting or killing a pet

Examples of Physical Abuse:
* Pushing, poking, slapping, punching
* Hair pulling, poking, tying-up, shaking
* Pinching, biting, kicking, choking
* Burning, hitting with objects
* Pushing out of car
* Stabbing, shooting

If you are being abused, seek help. You are not to blame for someone else’s abusive behaviour. Don’t keep the abuse a secret; call a transition house. You and your children deserve to be safe.


The Transition House relies on the assistance of the public to maintain our services to the women and children who need us. We are a charitable organization and as such, are able to provide tax receipts for donations made to the Society. If interested in making a financial donation, an in-kind donation or a bequest, please call the Women’s Transition House at 642-2591.

Items Needed at the Women’s Transition House
(these items must be new or in excellent condition)

Gas Lawnmower
Color T.V.
Non-perishable food items
T.V. stand
Children’s or Women’s Pajamas,
New underwear, socks for women & children
Children’s Vehicle Booster seat, (CSA approved)
Swimming passes Gift certificates for women & children
 Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Disposable diapers & baby wipes
Towels & Facecloths
Dishcloths and dish towels
Coloring Books & game books
Small packs of crayons
Office desk & Office chair
New pillows
Baby monitor
New or used Video game and games
Ghettoblaster for children’s playroom
Movie videos for adults or children, (non-violent)
Art supplies
Video munch card

To arrange pick up of any of these items, please call the transition house at 642-2591.

Community Resources

Sooke Women’s Transition House – 24 hr. Pager Service – 480-5461 Provides temporary shelter, supportive counselling and information for abused women with or without children

Hill House Transition House – 24 hr. crisis line - 479-3963 Provides temporary shelter, supportive counselling and information for abused women with or without children. Victoria Women’s Transition House – 24 hr. crisis line – 385-6611 Provides temporary shelter, supportive counselling and information for abused women with or without children.

Salt Spring Island Transition House – 24 hr. crisis line – (877) 435-7544 Provides temporary shelter, supportive counselling and information for abused women with or without children.

Stopping the Violence Program – Victoria - 592-2927 (ext. 13); Western Communities – 478-8357 Individual and group counselling for women that are in or have left abusive relationships.

Children Who Witness Abuse Program – 592-2927, ext 11 Provides assistance to children aged 3 yrs. to 18 yrs. that have witnessed relationship violence.

Spousal Assault Victim Support Program – Victoria – 356-1201; Western Communities – 391-2864 Provides information about the criminal justice system, support and court preparation to women who have been abused.

Family Violence Project – 380-1955 Counselling program for men that have abused their partners.

Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Centre –24 hr. crisis line - 383-3232 Provides counselling for women that have been sexually assaulted

Margaret Laurence House – 995-0058 Provides second stage housing for women with children that have left abusive relationships

The Cridge Center for the Family – 384-8058 Provides second stage housing for women with children that have left abusive relationships

Women's Transition HouseVOLUNTEER PROGRAM


Volunteers play an important and integral role with the Women’s Transition House. Wherever your interests lie, we can use your energy and willing hands.

Some of the vital positions our volunteers hold are:

· House visits  have tea, play cards, keep the women company
· Pager relief carry pager, after-hours intakes
· Grocery shopping assist with grocery shopping
· Fundraising sell raffle tickets, assist at concession stands, etc
· Transportation drive clients to and from appointments
· Child Care babysit while clients have appointments or take time for themselves
· Housecleaning light and periodic “spring” cleaning
· Yard maintenance lawn mowing, weeding, tidying the yard
· Office Support type letters, photocopying, filing, etc

Information Sessions and Training Seminars are held on a regular basis.
If you are interested in volunteering or just want more information, please contact our office at 642-2591.
Even one hour each week makes a difference!