Sooke BC
Community of Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

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Canada Post Homepage
Sooke has changed the postal codes of most places in the region. In order to look up a postal code for Sooke, East Sooke or any region, you can go to
and enter the civic address and name. If the above link does not work try just
and look for the tab that says "Postal Codes".
There are Postal outlets in Sooke and one in East Sooke
Main Sooke Post Office:
Sooke Postal Office 6736 West Coast Road Phone: 642-3013

Second Post office in Shoppers Drug Mart
400-6660 Sooke Road
Sooke, BC, V9Z 0A0 Phone: 250 642-5229

East Sooke:
Bill's Store at the intersection of Gillespie and East Sooke Road

Canada Post Homepage

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City Hall, Fire Hall, CRD officesFire Hall, City Hall, CRD OfficesGrocery store: Village Food MarketSooke PotholesSooke Potholes Provincial ParkGalloping Goose Trail